we create process automation

PROAUT TECHNOLOGY GmbH specializes in the development of technologies and automation solutions in selected sectors of industry. Existing and planned production processes are analyzed and process automation solutions are tailored to your needs based on this analysis.

“We speak our customers’ language. We understand what you are talking about and think ahead for you.”

Our product range includes solutions for manual workstations, semi-automated mechanical equipment and even fully automated special-purpose machines and production lines.

PROAUT TECHNOLOGY GmbH’s machines are used in the following sectors of industry:

Microelectronics (Back End)
Medical Engineering/Health Care (Component Handling, Inspection)

• Automotive Industry (Testing Stations for MEMS Sensors)

• Textile Industry (Testing, Assembly of Piezoelectric Bending Actuators)

• Optical Industry (Inspection, Image Processing)
Aerospace Engineering

Ensuring the greatest possible customer satisfaction is our top-priority goal. Get in touch with us:

Phone: +49 30 530 24 89- 0

Fax:     +49 30 530 24 89-19

E-mail: info--at--proaut.eu