1990 – Eurotec GmbH was founded in Berlin, focusing on the development of automation solutions.

1997 – The IT Tester series for measuring, labeling and packaging microelectronic components, still known very well today, was launched.

2001 – Eurotec GmbH became a subsidiary of Datacon Technology GmbH and was renamed Datacon Eurotec GmbH.

2003 – A chip card production line was developed as an extensive joint project.

2005 – Business areas maintained under the new name PROAUT TECHNOLOGY GmbH.

2007 – The 400th machine was delivered.

2008 – Special-purpose machines were developed to process next-generation components such as MEMS.

2009 – PROAUT TECHNOLOGY Singapore Pte. Ltd. was set up as a service provider to cover the Asian markets.

2011 – Automation solutions have increasingly been sold to new sectors of industry, PROAUT TECHNOLOGY GmbH’s expertise is in great demand in an environment shaped by the miniaturization of technology.