IT Tester

The IT tester implements 3 functions in one machine: testing, marking and assembling. The machine is able to process the components using flip-chip or SMD technology. It can be retooled to switch from one technology to the other for the same type of component. The components are taken from adhesive films or trays, positioned, measured, sorted, laser marked and packaged in tapes.


The handling system is adapted to customer-specific measuring tasks. The third-party measuring equipment is integrated, including measuring fixture. The measuring fixture can be positioned using adapters. The measurement can also be carried out at a defined contact pressure.
 The laser system is highly variable: different performance classes can be selected, as can various types of markings, such as plain text, bar codes or DMC. After marking, the quality can be checked using an image recognition system. The tape module is freely configurable regarding hot or cold sealing, various tape widths, surf tape or position monitoring on the tape.

Technical Data

The IT tester combines the 3 functions of measuring, marking and packaging
• Components: flip chip, SMD, modules
• Smallest processable component size: 1.4 x 2.0 mm²