Precision Tester PMA 2610 / 2630 / 2650

PMA series precision testers use customer-specific measuring equipment and cameras to test electronic components. These components can be provided on wafers or component carriers, e.g. panels, and can be processed with or without frames. PMA testers are made for high precision and minimum cycle times.

PMA 2610: panels on standard frame for 5" or 6" wafers
PMA 2630: panels on standard frame for 6" or 8" wafers
PMA 2650: panels on standard frame for 8" or 12" wafers

Key Features

• Fully automated measurement process (electrical, optical)
• High positioning accuracy with extremely short positioning times
• Compact design
• Convertible to different-sized component carriers and components
• Safe and reliable operation with a user-friendly user interface
• Integrated customer-specific measuring equipment
• Real-time visualization of the measurement process
• Camera and height measurement sensor for precise three-dimensional positioning of the components in relation to the measuring tips
• Image-processing system for component measurement and testing
• UPH max. 30,000, depending on measurement time and component size
• Option: Thermo-chuck