Tape and Reel PTA 3100

This handling system is used to place electronic components on carrier tapes.

To do so, the coordinates and orientation of every single component on the carrier film are determined, so that these components can then be picked up and placed in a pocket on the tape. The location and orientation of the component in the pocket is then checked again. Finally, the blister tape is heat-sealed. Minimized transport routes and the lightweight design of the moving components make for short handling times.

Thanks to the integration of image processing technology on all relevant handling positions, both the picking and placing steps are realized with extreme precision.

Technical Data

• Processing of electronic components

• Short handling times
• Positioning accuracy on the tape ±75 µm
• Max. twist ±2.5°


• Easy-to-handle menu system, all functions readily available on tabs, important functions are additionally accessible through shortcuts
• Live image of the production process

• Tool boxes for conveniently editing main parameters and functions

• User guidance via message boxes with explanatory texts
• Status indicators
• Traceability concept